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Baseus Display 100W Cable USB-C - USB-C 2m Green

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Baseus USB to USB-C cable.

With the functional Display cable, you can instantly charge your smartphone and transfer files at an amazing speed. The USB-C cable supports the PD 100 W ultra-fast charging system. Through the built-in display, it is possible to check the power regularly. The product is durable and resistant to minor injuries, and its advanced chip guarantees complete safety during use, completely protecting all devices from damage.

Fast Charging Technology

No more waiting endlessly for your phone to be charged. The product has the capability of incredibly fast PD 100 W charging, which means that it can, for example, restore about 60% of your smartphone's energy in just a few tens of minutes. The product has wide compatibility and fits most models from Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung.

Digital display

With just a glance, you can check the current charging speed. The cable is equipped with a small but easy-to-read screen that displays its power in real time. Check its performance at your leisure and enjoy constant access to useful yet reliable information.

Perfect finish

The practical and well-thought-out design is primarily responsible for stable charging. It is composed of 8 strands of tin-plated copper, providing even better conductivity and much less resistance. In addition, the connector is designed in such a way that it fits properly into any port, even with an additional case on. This allows for even more secure, yet reliable charging.

Full protection

Made of quality plastic, the cable ensures long-lasting convenience. Breakage-prone components are optimally protected against any damage. The zinc alloy connectors are resistant to oxidation, wear and overheating. The nylon braid protects the cable from bending or stretching, giving it exceptional strength and flexibility.

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