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Beta FPV Aquila16 Exclusive Battery...

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Beta FPV Aquila16 Exclusive Battery (2pcs)

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The Aquila16 Exclusive Battery features a modular design that enhances aerodynamics and ensures durability during collisions. The 1100mAh version allows a quadcopter for up to 8 mins of continuous flight for immersive and continuous learning, The 650mAh version with a high discharge rate of 60C delivers abundant power for those seeking agility and speed. Elevate your flying experience with its long-lasting performance, enhanced power, and the ability to push the limits of speed and agility.

Aquila16 Exclusive Battery (2PCS)

The battery's first power-up may result in a tight fit, requiring a certain technique for insertion and removal, please refer to this video.

Bullet Point

  • Dedicated to Aquila16, these batteries feature a modular design that enhances aerodynamics and minimizes damage during collisions.
  • Opt for the 1100mAh high-capacity battery for an extended flight time of up to 8 mins. This longer duration ensures a smoother learning process, allowing you to master flight skills and control techniques while rapidly advancing your piloting abilities.
  • Choose the 650mAh battery with a high discharge rate of 60C, delivering abundant power for agile freestyle or racing, which could provide about 5 mins flight time. It provides a thrilling experience by combining increased quadcopter speed with technical maneuvers.

The below picture shows the dimensions of the battery.

Aquila16 Exclusive Battery (2PCS)


    Discharge Rate60C15C
    Discharge Power2.47Wh4.18Wh
    Battery Weight22.0±0.5g25.5±0.5g
    Flight Time (Aquila16)5 mins8 mins
    Usage (Aquila16)More suitable for
    M mode flight
    Recommended for
    N/S mode flight
    Battery ConnectorBT2.0
    Battery Type1S LiHV Battery
    Rated Voltage3.8V
    Fully Charged Voltage4.35V
    Battery Dimensions62.8*41.3*17.8mm
    CompatibilityOnly compatible with Aquila16 Brushless Quadcopter 
    ColorBlack + Grey
    Surface TreatmentSurface Marking + Plastic Shell
    Charger UsedBT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester V2

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      Aquila16 Exclusive Battery (2PCS)
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