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3 filters ND16+ND64+ND256 Sunnylife...

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3 filters ND16+ND64+ND256 Sunnylife for Pocket 3

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3 ND16+ND64+ND256 Sunnylife filters for Pocket 3

Improve the quality of your recordings with Sunnylife! The set of ND (Neutral Density) filters will allow you to control the amount of light reaching your camera, regardless of the lighting conditions, so you can transform your recordings into true works of art. Robust design and precise workmanship guarantee reliability and durability, while being easy to install and remove.


Achieve perfect effects

The ND16 filter will allow you to reduce the amount of light reaching your camera, ideal for bright sunny days. The ND64 filter is suitable for more challenging lighting conditions, providing smoother movements and more dynamic shots. The ND256 filter, on the other hand, will work in the most challenging conditions, allowing you to use long exposure times even in bright sunlight.


High quality workmanship

Sunnylife filters are a guarantee of the highest quality. They are made using professional German optical glass, which is coated with a special coating to prevent scratches and leave dirt. The magnetic design makes the installation and removal of the filters child's play.



  • ND16 filter
  • ND64 filter
  • ND256 filter
  • storage case
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