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Freewell DJI Mini 3 Pro/Mini 3 ND32/PL filter

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Freewell ND32/PL filter for DJI Mini 3 Pro / Mini 3

Protect your camera lens and increase the quality of your shots with Freewell's proposal. The ND32/PL filter provides protection from scratches, water and dust, as well as effective polarization. It also reduces the amount of light coming through the lens. The product is made of high-quality optical glass and aluminum alloy. It is distinguished by its light weight - you do not have to worry about the load on your device.Freewell/FW-MN3-ND32PL/4

Effective performance

The ND32/PL filter by Freewell combines the properties of a neutral and polarizing filter. As a result, it provides effective polarization and glare reduction, so you can easily take shots that feature realistic colors. The product also helps you control your camera's exposure settings when shooting or recording outdoors and offers 5-stop compensation to reduce shutter speed.


Refined design

The Freewell product is made of high-quality optical glass and aluminum alloy. It provides protection against water, dust and scratch resistance.



  • ND32/PL filter
  • Protective case
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