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Puluz Quick Release Magnetic Base for...

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Puluz Quick Release Magnetic Base for Action Camera

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The PULUZ PU707B magnetic adapter with quick release for sports cameras.

PULUZ PU707B is a magnetic adapter for sports cameras that has a quick-release connector, which allows you to quickly transfer your camera to a variety of mounts such as selfie sticks, suction cups, head mounts, etc. The adapter fits many sports cameras such as DJI Osmo Action 3, Osmo Action, Gopro Hero series models or Insta360 One series models, etc. In addition to the quick release, the PU707B also has a magnetic latch that allows you to attach and secure your camera in no time. You just need to move the lock slider and rotate the camera in the adapter to remove it from the adapter, which greatly improves switching between, for example, shooting handheld shots and from different tripods.



The adapter is made of durable ABS material for sturdiness and durability, which is important, especially with heavy use. This makes it possible for you to carry out your projects in the way that is most suitable for you without worry.



Excellent compatibility is another advantage of this accessory. The magnetic base with a ¼ tripod thread allows the adapter to be screwed seamlessly onto a variety of accessories, such as tripods, clamp jaws, suction cups or selfie sticks. This means it fits most sports cameras, allowing you to record sporting events or personal achievements.


Switching between mounts

The mount's intelligently engineered design allows you to quickly and smoothly switch between different mounts. This is extremely useful in situations where events change dynamically. In addition, to remove the camera, just move the red slider, rotate the camera on the magnetic base and you're done.


Solid construction

The rugged design of this mount is perfect for extreme conditions and recording adventures. Whether you're engaging in extreme sports, participating in intense activities or accompanied by friends, the PU707B ensures reliable capture of the moments you want to immortalize. The adapter weighs only 38.9g and features a compact size, so you can carry it with you at all times.


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