Sunnylife Hard Case for AIR 3 Fly...

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    Sunnylife Hard Case for AIR 3 Fly more combo

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    Sunnylife waterproof case for DJI Air 3.

    The Sunnylife case is made of high-quality hard plastic and padded inside with specially tailored sponges that protect the interior from mechanical damage and the impact of shocks. Its design guarantees the safety of the equipment in case of splashing or spraying with water - it is resistant to leaks and spills. The interior of the case has been thoughtfully organized to accommodate essential equipment such as the drone, controller, 5 batteries, propellers, cables, power adapter, lens filters, etc.Durable buckles made of thick plastic resist wear and tear, as do the stainless steel hinges.


    Sturdy construction and interior protection

    The Sunnylife case is made of solid hard plastic, which guarantees durability and resistance to potential damage. The interior of the case is padded with specially adapted sponges that provide comprehensive protection against shock and mechanical damage. This ensures that your equipment will remain intact even in harsh conditions.


    Water resistance at a higher level

    Don't worry about your devices in case of an unexpected splash or spray of water The Sunnylife case features a leak- and spill-resistant design, making it an excellent choice for those working in a variety of weather conditions. Your devices will always be safe and dry.


    Organization at the highest level

    The interior of the case has been carefully designed to accommodate all the necessary equipment associated with the DJI Air 3 drone. It will easily accommodate the drone, controller, up to five batteries, propellers, cables, power adapter and lens filters and many other accessories. It's the perfect solution for anyone who wants to have everything at hand.


    Durable buckles and hinges

    The case is equipped with buckles made of thick plastic that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting functionality. Stainless steel hinges further enhance the suitcase's durability, allowing it to open and close freely without worrying about damage.


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