DJI Pocket 3 Battery Handle
    DJI Pocket 3 Battery Handle
    DJI Pocket 3 Battery Handle-DJI Pocket title=
    DJI Pocket 3 Battery Handle-DJI Pocket title=

    Pavyzdžiui, skolinantis 1000 Eur, kai sutartis sudaroma 10 mėn., be pradinio įnašo, eilinės įmokos mokamos kas mėnesį, fiksuota metinė palūkanų norma – 0.00 %, mėnesinis administravimo mokestis – 0.00 %, sutarties mokestis – 0.00 %, bendra vartojimo kredito kainos metinė norma – 0.00 %, bendra mokama suma – 1000 Eur, eilinės įmokos suma – 100 Eur.

    DJI Pocket 3 Battery Handle

    69,00 €
    1-2 d.d.


    Take a Closer Look


    The Battery Handle has a built-in 950mAh battery, which can increase the operating time by approximately 62% when connected to Osmo Pocket 3. It supports hot swapping and comes with a USB-C port on the back that can be used to connect external audio devices, such as digital wired headphones, wired microphones, or wireless microphone receivers. The 1/4″ thread at the bottom can connect accessories like tripods, delivering an enhanced user experience.

    In The Box

    Osmo Pocket 3 Battery Handle × 1


    Dimensions: 33.6×28×70.2 mm

    Weight: 64.6 g


    Osmo Pocket 3

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