UGREEN USB-C Multifunkcinis Adapteris

    Pavyzdžiui, skolinantis 1000 Eur, kai sutartis sudaroma 10 mėn., be pradinio įnašo, eilinės įmokos mokamos kas mėnesį, fiksuota metinė palūkanų norma – 0.00 %, mėnesinis administravimo mokestis – 0.00 %, sutarties mokestis – 0.00 %, bendra vartojimo kredito kainos metinė norma – 0.00 %, bendra mokama suma – 1000 Eur, eilinės įmokos suma – 100 Eur.

    UGREEN USB-C Multifunkcinis Adapteris

    Teiraukitės dėl pristatymo
    49,00 €
    7-60 d.

    UGREEN Adapteris iš USB-C.


    3x Usb 3.0 F,

    1x HDMI Jungtis,

    1x USB-C F.

    HDMI Portas: 4kx2k/60Hz.

    Krovimas palaiko 100 ir greitą krovimą.

    Nėra atsiliepimų

    UGREEN CM136 5-in-1 Hub

    Your laptop doesn't have enough ports? Try the multifunctional hub UGREEN CM136, with which you can easily increase the capabilities of your computer! The device is equipped with a USB-C, HDMI and 3 USB-A ports. It can transfer data at speeds up to 5Gbps and supports PD 3.0 fast charging, as well as display 4K/60Hz images. Lightweight and portable - it can accompany you almost anywhere.

    Convert 1 port of your computer to 5

    Want to increase your computer's capabilities? It's easier than you might think! The small hub by UGREEN is equipped with USB-C and 3 USB-A ports, with which you can easily connect, for example, a flash drive or a phone to your laptop. What's more, the HDMI port allows you to display photos, videos and presentations on a large screen.

    Fast data transfer

    Goodbye to endlessly dragging file transfers. The hub is equipped with USB 3.0 ports that enable data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. Now you can transfer all the photos, videos, documents or audio files in high resolution you need in just a few moments.

    Watch high definition videos on the big screen

    Like watching movies? Or maybe you want to view your vacation photos on the big screen? No problem! The CM136 hub is equipped with an HDMI port that allows you to display images in resolutions up to 4K/60Hz. With UGREEN, you can see every detail and delight in natural, crisp colors!

    Charge your laptop in no time

    Want to charge your laptop in the shortest time possible? The UGREEN CM136 hub comes to the rescue! The device's USB-C port supports PD 3.0 20V/5A fast charging with up to 100W of power. How to take advantage of this capability? Simply connect the hub to your laptop and to a power source! Note: the product will take approximately 5W of power from the charger.

    Compatible with your devices

    No matter what equipment you're using - the UGREEN CM136 hub is sure not to let you down. The product is compatible with most of the popular brands of devices available in the market. It works perfectly with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

    Durable and safe to use

    The product has been designed to serve you well for many years. The aluminum casing not only looks very elegant, but also provides the device with an exceptional strength and is responsible for efficient heat dissipation. Thanks to this your hub will not overheat and you do not have to worry about burning yourself.

    You can always have it with you

    Now you can enjoy more computer capabilities almost anywhere. The CM136 hub is incredibly lightweight and measures just 115x35x12.5mm. All this makes it fabulously easy and convenient to transport. Just pack it in your backpack, purse or laptop bag and take it with you wherever you need it!

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