Insta360 One X3
    Insta360 One X3
    Insta360 One X3
    Insta360 One X3
    Insta360 One X3
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    Insta360 One title=
    Insta360 One title=
    Insta360 One title=
    Insta360 One title=

    Pavyzdžiui, skolinantis 1000 Eur, kai sutartis sudaroma 10 mėn., be pradinio įnašo, eilinės įmokos mokamos kas mėnesį, fiksuota metinė palūkanų norma – 0.00 %, mėnesinis administravimo mokestis – 0.00 %, sutarties mokestis – 0.00 %, bendra vartojimo kredito kainos metinė norma – 0.00 %, bendra mokama suma – 1000 Eur, eilinės įmokos suma – 100 Eur.

    Insta360 One X3

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    Insta360 X3 Camera

    The Insta360 X3 offers 360-degree video recording in high quality. It will be an ideal choice for enthusiasts of dynamic activities, providing excellent image stabilization, many practical modes and instant footage editing capabilities.

    Quality above all

    The camera is equipped with a 1/2" sensor, so it is capable of recording sharp, smooth shots in high quality. Take advantage of the 5.7K 360° setting and save the best moments for more than just memories! A 72MP 360° shooting mode is also available. This makes sure you preserve every important moment - with a realistic level of detail!

    Many possibilities

    Discover the full potential of the X3 camera with a range of available settings! Take advantage of the Single Lens Mode to record in 4K 30FPS quality or in wide-angle exposure (2.7K 170°). You can also create shots in Slow Motion - 4K 120FPS / 3K 180FPS. Experiment with different modes to wring the most quality out of the moments you experience! Also try the phenomenal Timelapse, which provides 8K class in 360°.

    ME Mode

    Also completely new is the Me mode. It uses advanced algorithms that are capable of, among other things, completely cutting out the selfie stick from your shots, providing an exquisitely rendered perspective from 3rd person. This setting is capable of capturing images in 1080P 30/60 FPS quality. You can run it, for example, while skiing downhill - the end result will impress all your friends!

    True stability

    The image stability is taken care of by the implemented technologies. Active HDR 360° mode ensures the recording of high-quality videos without shaking - even during dynamic activities. This is also influenced by the use of FlowState Stabilization system. There is also a 360° Horizon Lock mode, which guarantees real-time alignment of the image to the horizon.

    Thoughtful design

    The camera is designed with a wide range of uses in mind. The IPX8 waterproof rating allows use even in adverse conditions or diving to depths of up to 10m (up to 50m with the use of a diving case - old separately). The device features a 2.29-inch display with an intuitive interface and a powerful 1800 mAh battery. As a result, you can enjoy a long battery life and high operating comfort.

    High-end sound

    Insta360 X3 uses 4 built-in microphones to capture high-quality, detail-saturated sound. Advanced audio algorithms preserve the natural tones of ambient sounds - capturing the most beautiful moments even more accurately.

    More new features

    This is not the end of innovative solutions and additions! The camera is distinguished by the use of a number of improvements that guarantee a combination of functionality and convenience. The Pre-recording function allows you to record 15- or 30-second backward clips, so you won't miss anything important. Loop Recording mode allows you to set file overwriting if you want to take care of free media space more efficiently. Voice Control 2.0 provides convenient voice control, and improved Wi-Fi transfer features up to 50% faster transmission compared to the X2.

    Editing simpler than ever

    Prepare content for publication from within the Insta360 app. Its AI editing algorithms will adjust all parameters and styles to your requirements in no time. Choose various effects in Shot Lab to find something to your liking. There's also a Photo Animator mode, with which you'll transform a static 360° shot into a smooth cinematic animation.

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